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Looking for a creative way to propose marriage? Check out these proposal ideas submitted by readers.

Down on one knee anywhere

In a restaurant

On a park bench

At Disneyworld or Disneyland

Consider a holiday theme around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, etc.

While hiking, fishing, or camping

On a sailboat

While on an airplane

At a sports event

At a covered bridge

Hide ring in a bouquet of flowers

Tie ring to a kite string or fishing line

Top of the Empire State Building or other tall building

In a box of chocolates

While walking on the beach

Put an ad in a newspaper

Ask a DJ on the radio to ask for you

Via email or on the Web

In a carved out book

Design a crossword puzzle


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Creating a Memory

Not all of us are like or even want to be like Liberace, who received around 12 proposals of marriage a week from his fans. Most of us receive or make only one marriage proposal in our lifetimes. We want that proposal to be memorable, and very special.

One of the things we like to do on an Engaged Encounter Weekend is to ask the couples how he/she proposed. The stories are marvelous!

One young man tied the engagement ring to a kite string, with some sort of a special knot, and took his gal kite flying on the beach. As she tugged on the string, a shiny object came tumbling down – it was her ring. She was furious with him, but did say yes!

An avid fisherman tied the engagement ring to his fishing line, and gave his unsuspecting girl friend the pole and told her to reel in the line. When she saw the ring dangling over the water, she, too, was a bit upset, but said yes.

We also heard of a ring placed in a carved out dictionary. When the intended bride unwrapped the book at Christmas time, she tossed it aside without looking inside. She was pouty most of the day, and finally looked at the book – only to discover the engagement ring. She was embarrassed, and humbly said yes.

Do you know how your parents or grandparents proposed? If not, ask them! You could get some great ideas from their stories.

Personally, we think the best proposals are the ones that tug at your heart strings a bit. They don’t really have to be fancy or involve major plans. They just need to be memorable.

We’ve heard stories about camp outs that turned into disasters, lost rings, and the best laid plans messed up. We’ve also heard the simple proposals that brought tears to our eyes.

So…what stories do you have to tell regarding your proposal? Join us on the Marriage Forum and share your stories.

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One of the biggest moments in your life is when you propose marriage or are proposed to.Here’s how to make your marriage proposal a memorable and delightful experience.


Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Just a few minutes

Here’s How:

  1. Find the right person.
  2. Fall in love.
  3. Know enough about your future in-laws to know if asking permission from them first would be appreciated.
  4. Know enough about your future spouse so you can create a meaningful and delightful experience.
  5. Decide if you are going to purchase the engagement ring before or after you propose marriage.
  6. When purchasing an engagement ring, stay within your budget or financial capability.
  7. Pay attention to timing. Don’t plan on proposing marriage when your future spouse is stressed or overwhelmed.
  8. Pick a memorable place, song, or occasion such as where you first met, or first kissed, etc.
  9. Set a romantic tone.
  10. Keep it fun.
  11. Keep your marriage proposal simple.
  12. If you are thinking of tying the ring to the end of a kite string or fishing line, be certain that your intended has a great sense of humor and that you know how to tie a good knot!
  13. Make sure you don’t lose the engagement ring if you’ve purchased one. Some folks hide an engagement ring so well that even they can’t find it.


  1. Be prepared to have your best-laid marriage proposal plans fall apart.
  2. Focus more on the moment than on the engagement ring and other externals surrounding your marriage proposal.
  3. Try not to give your plans away by showing how nervous you are.

What You Need:

  • A plan
  • A location
  • An engagement ring
  • Lots of love

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46 Ideas on How to Propose Marriage

1. Do it the old fashioned way. Get down on one knee with a rose clenched in your teeth and the ring in your hand.

2. Have a waiter bring you her favorite dessert with the ring inside of it. (Be careful that she doesn’t swallow it).

3. Take her/him to the theatre and ask the stage manager if he will allow you to come up on stage and propose after the final curtain.

4. Show up at her/his office in the middle of the afternoon armed with a red rose, a bottle of champagne and a glass with the ring in it.

5. Write “Will you marry me (name)” in chalk on the street out side your house or apartment in big letters.

6. Call your local radio station and get them to pop the question for you over the air waves at a time that you know she/he will be listening. Then dedicate a song to her/him.

7. Gather all your friends and family for drinks either at a favorite restaurant or your home and pop the question in front of everyone.

8. Gather friends and family outside his/her home waving banners with the words will you marry me on them and you standing in front of them all on one knee holding the ring. (Make sure that they get the right house).

9. Send a singing telegram to her/his workplace. Then walk in just after the song is finished and pop the question.

10. Create a web page all about your life together. Photos, places that mean a lot to you both. Send him/her the web address and wait for his/her reply and when accepted you can then send the address to friends and family.

11. Wrap a large box and fill with smaller boxes all wrapped the last box that she will come to will be the smallest with the ring inside. Or alternatively wrap a large box and fill with those tiny foam pieces and let her look for the small box inside.

12. Cut the bottom out of a very large box then wrap it. Take it to her place of work and ask one of her colleague’s to go get her telling her that there is a large parcel for her. Meanwhile you climb in from the bottom and when she unwraps it jump out with the ring in hand and ask her to make an honest man of you.

13. Take her/him away for the weekend and when you are on your last day pop the question.

14. Get up extra early and prepare her/him breakfast in bed. Cook his/her favorite meal with a red rose and a bottle of champagne and a kiss to wake him/her and then declare your love.

15. Scatter rose petals all over her bed and put the gift wrapped ring in the center. Tell her that you bought her a gift to show how much you love her. When she opens it tell her that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

16. Cook your loved one a romantic meal and place a note around the napkin like it is a napkin holder asking her/him to marry you. Or slip the napkin (use fabric ones not paper!) through the ring, when she goes to put her napkin in her lap she will find the ring.

17. Give your her a foot massage and place the ring on her little toe.

18. Blindfold him/her and take them to the place where you first met each other. Take along a bottle of champagne and two glasses to celebrate after you propose.

19. Bake him/her a cake and write on top of it Will you marry me?

20. Take out a full page ad in a paper that you know your loved one reads regularly and be close by when he/she reads it.

21. Buy your loved one a watch and have it inscribed “marry me.”

22. Pour her a glass of wine with the ring in the bottom of it and when she drinks the wine she will find the ring.

23. Go for a picnic together then pop the question.

24. Propose at Christmas by hanging the ring in it’s box from on the tree as if it was an ornament. Tell her to find the new special ornament you just purchased for her.

25. If you’re dining in a fancy restaurant, ask the waiter/waitress to write, “Will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce around the rim of his/her dessert plate.

26. Run her a bath with scented candles, rose petals and after she is in the tub, float a rubber duck with the ring tied around it’s neck in front of her.

27. Serve her oysters in bed with the ring inside the shell.

28. Write a note asking your other to marry you, place it inside a bottle. Take her/him to the beach when he/she is in the water slip the bottle in and ask them to open it to see what it says.

29. Spell your proposal out in glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Climb on top of him/her and wait for the yes, yes, yes.

30. Leave a trail of notes for him/her to follow and when he/she reaches the end you will be standing there with a sign or you can say “Will you marry me?”

31. Scratch your proposal into the frost on his or her car’s windshield.

32. Take your partner to the beach and write “Will you marry me?” in big letters in the sand.

33. Take him/her on a sail boat ride and pop the question.

34. Leave the ring on her pillow a long with a note and go take a shower.

35. Take her/him up in a hot air balloon with a bottle of champagne and announce that’ll you’ll jump if she/he doesn’t marry you.

36. Take her/him to see his/her favorite band and ask one of the stage crew if they will pop the question for you.

37. Plan a treasure hunt. Set the clues in place and when he/she gets to the last clue you will be standing there with champagne and a proposal they can’t refuse.

38. Hire a skywriter to spell your proposal on high.

39. Hire a plane to fly a banner with your “Marry me (insert name here)” message written on it.

40. Sneak in to her home and fill it to the rafters with balloons and or flowers and in the middle sit a teddy bear holding the ring and a note asking her to marry you.

41. Propose in French the language of love.

42. Play Hangman and have the phrase be “Marry Me.”

43. Throw her/him a surprise birthday party inviting friends and family and then propose.

44. Write her/him a story about your relationship. Almost like a diary with dates if possible. Then end it with the date you are going to give it to him/her telling how you proposed and that the story can’t be ended until you have the answer.

45. If it’s snowing write “Will you marry me?” in it.

46. Take him to see his favorite sports team playing and get the commentator to ask him to marry you.



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We can all think of typical ways of asking our lovely girlfriends to marry us. The man gets down on one knee and gets out a box with an engagement ring (probably worth a month’s salary) before asking her to spend the rest of her life by his side.

This traditional way of proposing still works, and can be categorized as the conventional way of asking a woman to marry you. But these days, women want to be mesmerized with emotion, romanticism and originality. And not necessarily in that order either.

The following are a mix of both innovative and more traditional ways to pop the question.

1. To the extreme

If your woman is the sporty type, you can propose to her from the heights of a mountain after a day of rock climbing. Other possibilities would be during a parachute jump or a scuba-diving session in South America, or anywhere else for that matter.

2. Make a video

Making a personal video of yourself proposing to her can have a great effect, especially if you are watching it with her. She will likely jump from joy and want to skip straight to the honeymoon…

3. In mid-air

A more public display of affection is to have the captain of an airplane you are on recite your marriage proposal to your woman over the intercom. You can just picture it: “We are now flying over the Grand Canyon and will be arriving at our destination in approximately 45 minutes. And, by the way, Joanna, Michael would like to know if you would do him the honor of marrying him.”

Of course, after this, all you should hope for is a “yes” and a safe landing.

4. My way or the highway

Just imagine driving home from work and seeing a billboard that says “Lucy, will you marry me?” This will have an amplified effect, and the rest of the commuters who see it will hope it works out for you.

They will also hope that she doesn’t slam the brakes in excitement.

5. Marriage on the big screen

Let’s say you agreed to go see the latest Julia Roberts movie, and right before the movie is about to start, as part of the previews, one frame action simply displays the words: “Maria, will you be my wife?”

6. Raindrops falling on my head

The Canadian Niagara Falls are an ever popular destination for honeymooners, but few people actually think of it as a great place to ask for your girlfriend’s everlasting love.

7. Vegas-Style

Ever thought of going to Sin City to prove your love to each other? This is still one of the most popular locations for couples to get married. But who says you can’t get engaged over a game of roulette at the Caesar’s Palace?

8. Valentine’s Day surprise

Instead of offering a traditional card, flowers and chocolates, why not offer her the greatest sign of love by asking her to marry you? Your girlfriend will surely remember this holiday for the rest of her life.

The only bad part is that it will be hard to surpass this gift every following year.

9. Indecent proposal

The ultimate way to ask your woman to marry you would be during an intense lovemaking session. Popping the question while bringing her to ecstasy is one of the ultimate thrills for a woman.

Imagine your woman climaxing physically and emotionally. She is not likely to forget that day anytime soon.

10. The love police

Although this one requires quite a bit of work and coordination, getting your girlfriend pulled over by a real cop to give her a “love ticket” is quite unexpected and very original.

Just make sure any outstanding parking tickets are taken care of beforehand.

11. Happy birthday to us

Proposing to her on her birthday is another great way to go about it. And another positive aspect of it, she probably won’t notice that you forgot to get her a birthday present.

12. You’ve got love mail

The Internet era is upon us, driving us to adapt to the technology. So why not send her a love note by email along with the big question?

13. Radio dedication

If you know she listens to the radio at a certain time everyday, making a dedication will work charms with her. Except that this one will have the disc jockey asking your girlfriend to marry you. A good follow-up is to call her while the question is being asked.

If you want to be more personal, you can also ask your girl to marry you live on the air.

14. Take me out to the ball game

Bringing your girlfriend to a Yankees game might not be the most fulfilling experience for her. But just imagine her expression if during the Lucky 7th inning intermission, the stadium big screen is focused on you on one knee asking her to marry you.

This is a great way to have 20,000 people witness your display of love, which is a nice gesture in itself.

This list is by no means exhaustive; people are coming up with new and innovative ways to propose every day. Whichever way you choose, remember, the only thing you have to worry about afterwards is whether or not she’ll say “yes”.


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